Beberley Paola Santamaria

Beberley Paola Santamaria has ten years of intergovernmental experience and unique understanding of the dynamics of Pitahya in Palora.   In fact, Ms. Sntamaria is Pitahay grower herself. Therefore, she able to meet all the strict dministrative requirements for exporting and certifications while supporting each family grower thru the process.  Ms. Santamaria is currently completing a Business Administration Degree.

Jose Leon Palacios

Jose Leon was born in Palora, Ecuador. Due to the lack opportunity in his hometown he immigrated to the USA at the age of 16. Mr. Leon strong work ethic lead him to establish Leon Top Construction Inc. a successful construction business in The Hamptons (New York). He worked on high end homes.

However, Jose Leon yearned for his family and hometown. Jose and his wife Siris Barrios decided to follow the footsteps of Doña Maria by planting dragon fruit.  Jose and Siris recognized that investing  in a packing facility would help the family farm export fruit at a competitive price while also offering fair compensation. In 2019, Jose moved his family to Palora, where he oversees all farm activities and packing facility logistics.

Jose considers himself an international resident because he resides in both the USA and Ecuador.  He is now in the Ecuadorian Amazon spending quality time with his mother, wife and two boys.


Siris Barrios

Siris Barrios is Co-owner of Amazon-Fruit Frexot Productora y Comercializadora S.A (Ecuadorian Exporter of pitahaya) and Frexotic Inc (USA Importer). Ms.Barrios brings over 20 years of corporate-level experience in communications, market research, and social impact in real estate development. Ms.Barrios oversees sales, communications and impact initiatives.

Previously Ms. Barrios served as Director of Community and Social Impact for MPACT Collective, an impact real estate development firm committed to creating vibrant and inspiring destinations. Ms. Barrios has received training in Human Subject Research by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Harris Interactive, and the Rand Corporation. She has created, led, and implemented several projects dealing with health equity, media representation of under-represented communities, and multicultural marketing for the corporate sector.

Ms. Barrios earned a Bachelors’s Degree in Geography from California State University of Northridge, where she also helped found both the first Central American Studies Program and the first Central American Research & Policy Institute in the United States. She was born in El Salvador and raised in Los Angeles, California, lived in New York for nine years and has explored ten countries across four continents.

Ms. Barrios and her husband Jose Leon, a native of Palora, decided to relocate their family to Palora, Ecuador (Ecuadorian Amazon) to care for the farm, packing facility, and exporting/importing operations. Ms. Barrios values the precious time she gets to spend with her two sons on the family farm while building a social impact business that creates shared prosperity.