Golden Amazon Dragon Fruit from Palora is the sweetest of its variety!

The Ecuadorian Amazon Region is characterized by its wonderful vegetation that includes a large number of exotic fruits with great health benefits.  The exceptional quality of the Golden Amazon Dragon Fruit (Pitahaya Palora) has been recognized and protected by the Ecuadorian government, who issued the Declaration of Protection of Designation of Origin to the Pitahaya Amazónica de Palora. The weather and soil composition of the zone are determinant conditions to obtain the fruits with the following characteristics: a brix level 20-22, with an intense sweetness, more then 250g, and the shelf life is 4 weeks.

The world is embracing the concept that “health is the new wealth” and is looking to diversify their food choices.  Golden Amazon Dragon Fruit is a superfood that satisfies all palates.  It is consumed mainly as fresh fruit. To enjoy Golden Amazon Dragon Fruit (Pitahaya) it is only necessary to cut the fruit in half and use a spoon to remove the pulp.